The aim of the educational process is to provide the main areas of activity of law-enforcement agencies with highly qualified personnel. That’s why we attach great attention to the peculiarities of the future professional activity of our graduates and make use of a combination of fundamental and applied aspects of training in designing the educational process.

Components of the educational process at the Academy of the Interior Ministry:

1. Teaching of theoretical academic disciplines on a level equal to teaching of the same academic disciplines at a classical university;
2. Practical training based on real work of cadets in the conditions closest to future official duties;
3. Constant connection of the educational establishment with practical units.

Additional practice of cadets

A system of additional practice has been worked out and implemented at the Academy of the Interior Ministry which cultivates applied professional skills in graduates. Starting from the second year of study cadets take part in the protection of public order.

During the third year additional practice implies that cadets acquire the skills of the public security officers of the militia. During the last years of training cadets acquire and strengthen practical skills of fulfilling official duties.

Additional practice of cadets is organized as an extracurricular activity.

Since 2009 a training laboratory called «Legal clinic» has been functioning at the Academy of the Interior Ministry. Its activity enables cadets to acquire the skills and abilities of real application of law. One of the main goals of this laboratory is rendering free legal advice to the socially unprotected groups of population. This work is carried out under the supervision of the teaching staff of the Academy.

Educational and material base of the Academy of the Interior Ministry

At the present moment the educational and material base of the Academy includes 14 lecture-halls equipped with sound-amplifying and multimedia projector equipment with a capacity to link a portable computer to large monitors. There are 77 classrooms, 15 computer classrooms, 6 sport halls, 3 shooting ranges and more than 40 specialised premises including 9 criminalistic teaching grounds, 6 teaching grounds in different areas of professional activity of law enforcement agencies, 8 photo-laboratories, 10 criminalistic laboratories, 3 studies for driving training and a driving practice ground. The Academy makes use of 3 swimming pools.

Branches of chairs

The Academy of the Interior Ministry together with the General directorate of law enforcement of the Minsk city executive committee have created three branches of chairs on the basis of district departments of law enforcement agencies in Minsk:
1. Chair of administrative law and management of internal affairs bodies of the faculty of militia;
2. Chair of corrections of the faculty of corrections;
3. Chair of criminal investigation of the faculty of investigators, the chair of criminal procedure, the chair of criminalistics.

On the basis of the faculty of investigators of the Academy of the Interior Ministry there is forensic unit of the Partisan district department of internal affairs in Minsk.

The work of branches and units is directed at approximation of the teaching process of special subjects and subjects of speciality to the real practical activity of the law enforcement agencies.

Council, conference and association of institutes of higher education

Qualified analysis of problems of the educational process, growth of the theoretical and scientific level of teaching on the basis of the advanced pedagogical practice and modern achievements of science – these and other functions are fulfilled by the scientific and methodical council of the Academy of the Interior Ministry. Every year a scientific and methodical conference for higher educational establishments takes place dedicated to the problems of higher education and organisation of the educational process. Since 2007 it has received an international status.

In 2007 on the basis of the Academy of the Interior Ministry a scientific and methodical association of higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of education in law enforcement was created. The activity of the association embraces the development and approval of educational standards and model educational plans as well as examination of manuscripts of text-books and work-books with the aim of granting the appropriate classification of the Ministry of education.