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The main area of activities is psychological support to cadets of all faculties during the whole period of education.

Functions of the department:

1. Psychological support to cadets’ groups, development of recommendations to optimize the social and psychological climate, psychological and managerial consulting of course officers;
2. Psychological assistance to cadets to adapt to the training and service activity;
3. Individual psychological consulting of the permanent and variable staff, assistance in resolving of personal, family problems and conflicts.
4. Consulting is conducted on an anonymous and voluntary basis, with a guarantee of confidentiality of information. In addition, the psychologist is responsible for access to information.

The objectives of the department:

1. Provision of skilled consulting of cadets in solving personal problems and problems in interpersonal relationships;
2. Psychological support to cadets of the 1st year to assist in adapting to the study at the Academy;
3. Assessment of social and psychological climate in the study groups of faculties;
4. Conduction of studies to improve cohesion in the study groups, training of personal growth and development of communication skills, as well as conflict resolution;
5. Conduction of sociometric research of faculty study groups to explore their informal structure, relationship of group mates to commanders, identification of informal leaders as potential candidates for appointment to the post of junior commanders;
6. Development of practical recommendations for course officers to unite cadets groups and conduct individual and educational work;
7. Determination of the degree of executive authority, style and methods of management of course officers;
8. In-depth study of individual psychological characteristics of cadets and individual work with them.

Activities of psychologists of the Academy:

1. Psychological education;
2. Psychological prevention;
3. Psychological consulting (on request);
4. Psychological correction (on request);
5. Psychological diagnostics.