Head of the department


lieutenant-colonel of militia


Address: 220005, Minsk, Masherova Ave., 6a, room 315
Telephone: +375-17-289-23-83


The history of the department began on May 13, 2000, when it was first included into the organizational structure of the Academy as an independent unit.

The main tasks of the department:

1. Organizational, information and analytical support of the activities of the head of the Academy;
2. Ensuring prospective and current planning at the Academy, control of terms and quality of the planning in the subdivisions of the Academy;
3. Formulation of suggestions on the improvement of the quality of the management system at the Academy and assessment of the efficiency of the system.

Functions of the department:

1. To develop management projects and methodical documents on integrated, multi-purpose spheres of activity of the Academy, as well as to improve management;
2. To carry out the development, coordination and approval of the current and long-term plans of organizational activities of the Academy;
3. To draw up the work plan of the head of the Academy of the Interior Ministry for a week and a month;
4. To plan the public protection service of cadets of the Academy in collaboration with practical bodies;
5. To organize official meetings with the head of the Academy;
6. To prepare information and analytical materials for the Head of the Academy of the Interior Ministry for the meetings of the Board of the Interior Ministry, as well as operational and service meetings, activities of other law enforcement agencies;
7. To monitor the organization of planning of executive activities at the Academy, to make suggestions for its improvement; to prepare a draft order of the Head of the Academy on the results of the analysis of the functioning of the quality management system.