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Head of the department

Tatiana Fitsuk




Address: 220005, Minsk, Masherova Ave., 6, Corps 3, room 203
Telephone: +375-17-289-21-73; +375-17-289-21-72

The research and publishing department was created in 1975.
Since 1996 the research department has been an independent structural division of the Academy with approximately 10 employees.

The scientific research department undertook the training of the staff of higher academic qualifications (in 2001 the functions were transferred to the scientific and pedagogical faculty) and the coordination of research activities of the Academy.

Currently, the main objectives of the scientific research department are:

1. The organization of research work of the teaching staff;
2. Accounting and analysis of results of scientific research;
3. The cooperation of the Academy with structural divisions of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus, bodies of state power and administration, academic and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus and other states in the field of scientific research and other scientific activities.