Academy of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus

The Academy of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus is one of the most prestigious university type educational establishments of our country. Approximately 29000 officers have been trained there over the last fifty years. More than 1120 officers have graduated from the Academy with distinctions.

Graduates of our academy work in all regions of our republic, many of them are heads of various units and departments of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. Our graduates possess national awards and honourable titles and are high class professionals. There are 5 Interior Ministers among our graduates including the present Minister lieutenant general of militia Igor Shunevich.

Cadets of the Academy are trained by highly qualified teaching staff. Many prominent scholars whose names are well known in our country and abroad participate in the training of cadets.

The facilities of the Academy include training and support rooms, special and computer equipment, technical teaching aids, criminalistic training grounds and sports facilities.

At present there are 14 lecture halls (equipped with multimedia), 77 classrooms, 15 computer classes, 6 sports halls, 3 shooting grounds, over 40 specialized rooms including 9 criminalistic training grounds, 6 training grounds devoted to various types of operative work, 8 photographic and 10 criminalistic laboratories, 3 classes for automotive training, a driving range and 3 swimming pools.

At the Academy of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus special attention is attached to sports and physical training. There are 20 sports sections in Olympic and applied sports. Over 300 people are regularly trained there. Among them there are merited and international masters of sports. The training is carried out by highly qualified trainers including highly awarded sportsmen and prizewinners of European and World championships.

Cadets take an active part in scientific and research activities, conferences, creative and scientific contests. A council for cadets’ scientific community has been created to coordinate scientific and research activities of cadets and to develop their self management. Many clubs, leagues and amateur talent groups are active at the Academy.

Academy’s teams win many republican and international tournaments and contests every year. Among them are the international eloquence contest «Cicero», the international intellectual tournament «Shield and sword», the international contest on the rights of refugees «New horizon».

Since 1996 over 60 cadets have received grants of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus established to support prominent students. Many of them have received a prestigious award of the Minsk city executive committee for their active participation in scientific, public and cultural life of Minsk.