Cadets and students of the Academy of the Interior Ministry take an active part in all kinds of research activities which contributes to the enhancement of their educational level and development of intellectual and creative capabilities.

Young people participating in research activities individually and as members of scientific clubs form the scientific cadet community of the Academy of the Interior Ministry headed by the council which includes representatives of the three faculties. The council of scientific cadet community was created for the purpose of coordinating research work of cadets and development of cadets’ self government.

On the council’s initiative a digest called «Almanac of cadets’ research papers» has been published since 2009. The publication focuses on legal and humanitarian sciences.

Over 900 cadets take part in various kinds of research work every year including research of the topics assigned to the Academy and its separate chairs. Cadets also participate in the activities of workgroups conducting research work by orders of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of republican, governmental and intergovernmental programs.

At the end of the year information on important cadets’ research papers is included into the republican e-database of students’ research papers. The results of the best research projects are incorporated into the training process of the Academy of the Interior Ministry.

Over 1000 reports are presented by cadets yearly at international, republican and local scientific and practical conferences and workshops. More than 300 articles and abstracts are published.

Over 250 research papers are presented by cadets of the Academy every year at international, republican and other contests.

Development of research skills in the training process enables cadets and students of the Academy of the Interior Ministry to become prize-winners at various Olympics, contests and tournaments such as:
1. International literary and eloquence Olympics «Cicero»;
2. Republican contest for (post graduate) students devoted to the issues of forced migration and refugees;
3. Contest of research papers of students, cadets, post-graduate students on the issues of trafficking in human beings in the framework of the La Strada project;
4. International team contest on the rights of refugees «New horizon»;
5. International intellectual tournament «Shield and sword»;
6. Republican legal Olympics;
7. Interacademic Olympics on criminal law.

Moreover cadets of the Academy of the Interior Ministry take an active part in the contest of cadets’ research papers held at the Academy, the republican contest of creative papers of students in social sciences and the republican contest of research papers of students of higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus.

Over 100 exhibits prepared by cadets and students of the Academy of the Interior Ministry are presented yearly at exhibitions of students’ publications, work of artists and designers and at the Academy’s exhibitions of research papers, publications and other student’s projects.