Lex vigilantibus, nоn dormientibus (subvenit) 
(law is for the active but not for the sleeping)

Since 2009 an educational laboratory “Legal clinic” has been functioning at the Academy of the Interior Ministry. Its activity is aimed at acquiring by cadets of the skills and abilities of practical application of law.

One of the main objectives of the laboratory is rendering free legal advice to the socially unprotected groups of population. The work is done under the supervision of the teaching staff of the Academy.

The project was created by the order of the head of the Academy of the Interior Ministry № 354 on the 12th of December 2008 and has been functioning since March 2009. “Legal clinic” is a non-commercial public unit of the Academy.

Legal assistance is rendered by the best trained cadets of the senior courses having the most outstanding results at the examinations. These boys and girls show inclination to the scientific and research activity. They are recommended by the heads of the chairs of civil and labour law, criminal law and criminology, criminal procedure, administrative activities and management of internal affairs bodies.

As for the specialists who conduct the activity - they are highly qualified lecturers of the Academy of the Interior Ministry with rich practical experience.

Legal assistance is rendered to citizens in need (pupils, students, jobless people, pensioners, disabled persons, families with many children) on a wide range of questions of civil, family, housing, labour, administrative, criminal, criminal procedure laws.