Head of the chair

Anatoly Savenok

PhD in law, associate professor


Address: 6 Masherova ave, Bulding 2, 20005 Minsk, office 410
Telephone: +375-17-289-23-12

The history of the chair goes back to the creation of the chair of Soviet criminal law and procedure in the 60s of the 20th century at the Minsk faculty of the Higher school of the Ministry of Public Order Maintenance of the RSFSR. In 1968 it was renamed into the chair of Soviet criminal law and procedure and correctional labour law. Since 1976 it was the chair of criminal and correctional labour law, since 1980 the chair of criminal law and since 1991 it has been called the chair of criminal law and criminology.

At present the personnel of the chair counts 18 employees. 16 of them are PhDs in law, there is one professor and an Honoured lawyer of the Republic of Belarus, 10 assistant professors.

The employees of the chair have prepared and issued thousands of scientific publications and training aids, dozens of monographs, educational books, lectures, collected works. The teaching staff of the chair took an active part in drafting of the current Criminal and Correctional Codes as well as in preparing and reviewing of drafts of other laws and regulations (laws of the Republic of Belarus, orders of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, etc.).

Subjects taught at the chair:
  1. Criminal law;
  2. Classification of crimes

Main areas of scientific research:

  1. Perfection of criminal legislation and enforcement practice in the activities of internal affairs bodies;
  2. Application of criminal legislation of the Republic of Belarus in combating serious and especially grave crimes;
  3. The issues of criminal responsibility for trafficking of objects and substances banned or restricted for civil circulation (weapons, illicit drugs, etc.).