Head of the chair


PhD in law, associate professor
lieutenant-colonel of militia

Address: 220005, Minsk, Masherova Ave., 6, Corps 1, room 233

Telephone: +375-17-289-22-00, +375-17-289-22-59

The chair was founded in 1975, and was called the chair of the military and physical training. In 1979 the chair became the chair of mobilization and tactical training. In 1992, in connection with the reorganization it merged with the chair of management and the protection of public order. On May 28, 2001, by order of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus No. 95 the chair of special and tactical training was created.

Subjects taught at the chair:
1. Initial professional training;
2. Protection of people and objects in case of emergency. Radiation safety;
3. Shooting;
4. Tactical training;
5. Organization of shooting exercises at internal affairs bodies;
6. Special devices at internal affairs bodies;
7. Automotive training (driving a car);
8. Monitoring of technical service of vehicles.

Three subject and methodical commissions operate at the chair in the field of its major activities.
The chair has three small shooting ranges.
The main professional and pedagogical component of subjects taught at the chair is aimed at teaching future law-enforcement officers the fundamentals of effective action under special circumstances, building up practical skills in handling various types of firearms and the use of modern special equipment.

Main areas of scientific research:

1. Improving of the organization and tactics of activities of the internal affairs bodies in special circumstances;

2. Theoretical and applied aspects of improving of shooting skills of cadets and officers of internal affairs bodies;

3. Protection of public order and security of citizens in situations of mass events, group violations of public order and riots;

4. Enhancing the effectiveness of the emergency management system.