Head of the chair

Maksim SHRUB

PhD in law, associate professor
lieutenant colonel of militia


Address: 220005, Minsk, Masherov ave., 6, building 1, office 129
Telephone: +375-17-289-22-86

The chair of criminalistics is one of the oldest structural units of the Academy of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. The history of its development as an independent scientific and pedagogical team counts 35 years. The scientific succession of generations has provided the formation of pedagogical traditions as well. The experience of teaching criminalistics, forensic medicine and other subjects has been carefully passed on for many years and increased from generation to generation.

In the conditions when contemporary crime acquires transnational character and drugs trafficking and human trafficking are becoming more wide-spread, the chair of criminalistics alongside with traditional also works out new areas of criminalistic science and training of personnel for law enforcement agencies.

At the present moment of its development the chair possesses a considerable scientific and pedagogical potential of 3 doctors of law and 8 PhDs in law, 3 PhDs in medicine. Most of them have rich experience of pedagogical activity at the Academy and other higher educational establishments of the republic. Besides that, all of them have rich experience of working at different positions in the units of preliminary investigation and inquiry, in the forensic service and other structural units of the Interior Ministry, in the State service of forensic expertise.

There is a subject and methodological commission, a photo-laboratory and a criminalistic teaching ground at the chair.

The teaching staff of the chair practises classes in the form of role-plays, trainings, group exercises. During the classes technical means of teaching, criminalistic techniques, models of criminal cases are widely used. Some classes are held at the practical units, at the State forensic centre, at the information and analytical units of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.

There is a scientific study group of cadets and students at the chair. The best scientific works are sent for participation in the republican contest of student scientific works.

Subjects taught at the chair:
  1. Criminalistics;
  2. Criminalistic support of solving and investigating crimes (a special course);
  3. Criminalistics: modern problems, history and methodology (for post graduate students of the scientific and pedagogical faculty);
  4. Workshop on criminalistics (a special course for cadets studying for the qualification «Economic law»);
  5. Forensic medicine;
  6. Forensic psychiatry;
  7. Fundamentals of medicine.

Main areas of scientific research:

  1. Application of achievements of natural and technical sciences in solving and investigating crimes;
  2. Tactical, criminalistic and organisation-methodical support of solving and investigating crimes;
  3. Problems of theory of criminalistics;
  4. Criminalistic problems of deviant criminal behaviour;
  5. Problems of investigation of crimes with wide public response;
  6. Tactical and criminalistic support of the stage of initiating a criminal case;
  7. Cooperation of officers of the Interior Ministry with other law enforcement units in the process of solving and investigating crimes;
  8. Tactics of interrogation;
  9. Formation of theoretical and practical recommendations in the investigation of illegal actions against information security;
  10. Investigation of crimes of human trafficking and trafficking of women outside of the Republic Belarus for sexual exploitation.