Head of the chair


PhD in law, associate professor
lieutenant colonel of militia


Address: 220037, Minsk, Bagration str., 85, office 302
Telephone: +375-17-245-50-33

The chair of forensic examinations was formed at the faculty of investigators of the Academy according to the order of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus of July 1st , 1994 for the purpose of training forensic experts for law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus.

All the teaching staff of the chair has a considerable pedagogical and expert experience. Training is done on the basis of teaching and methodological complexes worked out by the lecturers of the chair taking into account the latest achievements of science and forensic experience.

The chair widely uses multimedia technology, modern technical and criminalistic means, automated information enquiry systems and different types of objects for carrying out forensic examinations and expertise. Some of the practical classes are held on the basis of laboratories of the state forensic centre of the General directorate of law enforcement of the Minsk city executive committee.

Subjects taught at the chair:
  1. Portrait expertise;
  2. Dactylography and fingerprint analysis;
  3. Criminalistic ballistics and ballistic expertise;
  4. Criminalistic video recording;
  5. Criminalistic registration;
  6. Criminalistic photography;
  7. Criminalistic examination of substances, materials and products;
  8. Methods and means of forensic examinations;
  9. Fundamentals of special forensic examinations;
  10. Graphology and handwriting expertise;
  11. Theory of forensic examination;
  12. Technical and criminalistic examination of documents;
  13. Trace expertise;
  14. Participation of an expert in investigative actions;
  15. Examination of cold and missile weapons.

Two subject and methodological commissions are working at the chair. they are called “Criminalistic expertise” and “Forensic subjects” and are made up of the teaching staff of the chair and practical workers of the State forensic centre of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus and of the Centre of forensic investigation and criminalistics in Minsk and other regional cities.

The chair provides training of forensic experts certified to carry out 7 types of criminalistic examinations:

  • Dactylographic;
  • Trace expertise;
  • Technical and criminalistic examination of documents;
  • Graphology expertise;
  • Ballistic expertise;
  • Cold weapon expertise;
  • Portrait expertise.

Since 2007 the chair has been providing training of experts for the Russian Federation for the qualification «Forensic examination».

Main areas of scientific research:

The chair is actively involved in the scientific research activities stipulated by the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus and other state governing bodies: «Problems of combating illegal drug-trafficking and drug-abuse. Perfection of methods of combating drug threat on the basis of modern scientific and technical achievements».

According to the scientific profile the chair carries out research in the following topics: “Conceptual problems of perfection of work of forensic teams of the Interior Ministry”; “Application of special knowledge and modern scientific and technical means for the purpose of crime scene investigation and in the preliminary examination of material evidence”.

“Application of innovative technology in the process of training of forensic experts” is yet another topic of research activities carried out for the purpose of the solution of pedagogical problems of higher educational establishments, the scientific organization of educational process, vocational guidance and occupational selection.