Ideological work in the e Academy is a collaborative, purposeful activity of the leaders at all levels of the teaching staff, cadets, listeners and community groups on realization of the policy of Belarus in the field of ideology.

The main purpose of the ideological work of the Academy is to instill to the cadets, staff and civilian personnel the fundamental values, ideas, beliefs, reflecting the essence of the Belarusian state, the formation of active citizenship and personal position in the fight against crime, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, as well as the increase in the society the prestige of the service, image and social status of an employee of the Interior.

Much attention is paid to work with young people. A striking proof of this is created youth projects of the Academy, who gained wide prominence:

– International oratory competition, "Cicero";
– International Tournament in intellectual games "Shield and Sword";
– International tournament on the rights of refugees "New Horizon";
– Republican legal Olympiad "Themis";
– City intercollegiate competition author's poems and songs "Hymn to the alma mater."

Educational work is organized and carried out continuously in the course of daily performance and differentiated service training to all categories of staff.

Professional education

In order to develop cadets’ moral qualities necessary for conscious willingness to perform their duty, compliance of regulations and standards of professional ethics, in the frame of organization of professional education with staff on a constant basis it is held ceremonial rituals, such as swearing, graduation ceremony of officers, solemn entry into the ranks of the Belarusian Republican youth Union, events on public holidays, memorials, anniversaries of establishing of departments of the Interior and the Academy. In a solemn ceremony it is organized handing of awards, shoulder straps, honoring veterans and employees of the Interior, solemn farewell to retire. To maintain personal readiness to perform service tasks, including in extreme conditions, the personnel of the institution involved for duty to maintain public order in the territory of Minsk city.

Patriotic upbringing

To form at the staff patriotic mind, qualities of citizen-patriot who is responsible for the fate of the country, respecting the historical past and the national traditions of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of civil and patriotic education in all faculties of the Academy cadets meet regularly with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, law enforcement officers, members of the local conflicts. Veterans Council of the Academy is actively involved in the conduct of upbringing activities. It holds the work to assist veterans on Victory Day, the Day of Belarusian militia, the Day of older people. Cadets regularly visit veterans at their living places. The Board of veterans helps veterans in need around the house, in the acquisition of food.

Spiritual and moral upbringing

To develop and improve spiritual world of cadets, their moral, ethical, aesthetic and psychological culture, humanism, moral behavior both in performance and in life, in the spiritual and moral upbringing the Academy holds a meeting with representatives of the personnel of the art and culture and religious confessions. It is organized concerts with the participation of professional artists and amateur groups of Academy, visiting theater, museums and exhibitions.

In April 2012, it was held a presentation of the Republican spiritual and educational program "Family - Unity - Fatherland", in which the vicar of the diocese of Minsk, Borisov Bishop Benjamin donated to the Academy of facsimile Slutsky gospel. It is installed the cooperation with the republican association "Parents and teachers - for the revival of Orthodox education" for the implementation of joint activities in the spiritual and moral upbringing of the cadets.

Family and domestic upbringing

For the purpose of staff development knowledge required to build and strengthen family relations, special attention is paid to issues of family and domestic upbringing.

The ideological department of the Academy conducts a survey of cadets who have families and raise children, it is studied their opinion on the level of social and legal protection. It is organized meetings of the leadership of the Academy with the cadets’ families in which they get material aid, receive gifts and souvenirs. All faculties are regularly hold meetings with members of the families of personnel, parent days, it is studied social and living conditions of the cadets. It is held honoring cadets due to marriage, birth of a child.

The organization of social and cultural activities

In the framework of realization of tasks of social and cultural Academy activities it is regularly hosted cultural events. Among the most important general academic activities can be noted concerts to Defenders of the Fatherland Day, Militia Day, Women's Day, Victory Day, Day of the Academy, Knowledge Day, Mother's Day, the Day of honoring veterans of internal affairs, the New Year. As performers in the concerts take part the Belarusian pop artists, amateur groups of schools and centers of extracurricular activities, the cadets and staff of the Academy.

The organization of social and legal activities

The main objective of socio-legal activities at the Academy is the implementation of social and legal protection of employees, cadets, veterans, retirees and their families.

Social and legal education of staff and cadets is held during the training sessions, classes on ideological training, during the current information, meetings with heads of personnel, individual interviews.

For constant control at the level and quality of solving the social problems it is carried out studying of the conditions of employees’ service.

Another very important part of the work - is visiting staff and cadets at their places of living, meeting with families’ members. During the visits, leaders learn the living residence conditions of cadets, studying the problem issues, assist in solving them.

Since March 2009, it was open the laboratory "legal clinic", which is a public non-profit division of the Academy.

The official website of the Academy

The official website of the Academy ( exists since 2003. During this period, it is repeatedly modernized, updated both in terms of design and in terms of information. This site is not inferior to its technical features and navigation, site content from other universities in Belarus, Russia and other countries of near and far abroad. On average, it is visited by about 15,000-20,000 monthly Internet users. Among the most visited sections "News", "Information for cadets", "Information for students", "Feedback (Infoline)" (here you can directly question the head of the Academy).

The Information and public relations of the Academy is constantly updating news pages, updates sections of other divisions of the university. In web publications reflects all the important events of social, scientific, educational, international, sports, cultural and media activities of the university.

Website of the Academy is in step with the times, you can get an objective, comprehensive and complete information on the main police college Belarus.

Publications in national and departmental media

The group of information and public relations of the Academy commit the most comprehensive and systematic media coverage of the events organized and held at the Academy, as well as the participation of its cadets, faculty staff and employees.

Installed cooperation with the editors of the leading newspapers, radio and television stations of the country, the journalists who regularly visit the Academy at the time of socially significant events (first-year students taking the oath, a solemn graduation of officers, open days, research seminars, international conferences, cultural and sports events). The most active interaction is the joint edition with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Газета «Академия»

Печатное издание нашего вуза «Академия» выходит ежемесячно с 2008 года. Распространяется бесплатно среди личного состава. Выпуски газеты готовятся сотрудниками группы информации и общественных связей при активном участии представителей других подразделений Академии и, главное, курсантов из внештатных корреспондентских пунктов факультетов. Электронный вариант печатного издания представлен на сайте Академии МВД.

Основная тематика: деятельность факультетов, кафедр и служб вуза, курсантская жизнь, профессиональная ориентация.

The newspaper "Academy"

Print edition of our institution "Academy" is published monthly since 2008. Distributed free of charge among the personnel. Issues of papers are prepared by staff of the group of information and public relations with the active participation of representatives of other departments of the Academy and, most importantly, cadets of freelance correspondents faculties. The electronic version of the printed edition is presented on the website of the Academy.

The main theme: the activities of faculties, departments and services of the university, cadets’ life, professional orientation.

«Radio Academy» and «Cadet TV»

The group of information and public relations with the participation of invited journalists, the department of information and educational technology and ideology department with the cadets' assets plan and create radio and television programs on the activities of the Academy.