Head of the faculty


PhD, associate professor
colonel of militia

Address: 220005, Minsk, Masherov Ave., 6, 3rd Corps, office 206
Telephone: +375-17-289-21-43
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Research and teaching faculty provides getting I (postgraduate) and II (PhD) levels of postgraduate education and training specialists in eight specialties of legal and psychological profile:

12.00.01 – theory and history of law and the state; history of the teachings of law and the state;
12.00.02 – constitutional law; municipal law;
12.00.03 – civil law; business law; family law; private international law;
12.00.08 – criminal law and criminology; correctional law;
12.00.09 – criminal process and criminalistics; detective and investigative activity;
12.00.12 – criminalistics, forensic expert activities, operatively-search activity;
12.00.14 – administrative law, financial law, information law;
19.00.06 – legal psychology.

87 people are being trained at the faculty at the moment: 5 doctoral students, 45 postgraduate students, 37 scientific degree seekers.

The main tasks of research and teaching faculty are:

– organization of adjuncts’ research work, doctoral candidates on the relevant scientific fields;

– learning and generalization of the experience of the scientific and pedagogical workers in educational and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and other countries, the development on this basis of proposals for improving the main activities of the faculty and its development;

– operational management of the educational process at the faculty;

– creating the necessary conditions for effective training adjuncts, holding them, doctoral candidates and dissertation research, as well as coordination of the departments on the selection of candidates for training in adjuncture (doctoral) and the preparation of candidates degrees.