Head of the faculty

Alexander KORETS

colonel of militia


Address: 220005, 6 Masherova ave, 220005 Minsk, building 4, office 209
Telephone: +375-17-289-22-23
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The faculty of militia is situated at the headquarters of the Academy (6 Masherova ave). It is responsible for the training in the following qualifications «Legal sciences» (specializations «detective activity» and «administrative and legal activities» and «Economic law» (specialization «detective activity»).

3 chairs were included into the structure of the faculty of militia in September 2010: the chair of administrative law and management of internal affairs bodies, the chair of tactical and special training and the chair of detective activity.

The faculty of militia is structurally divided into 8 units headed by the chief officers and their deputies who are responsible for the organization of the training process.

Future lawyers study humanitarian disciplines such as philosophy, history, foreign languages, legal sciences such as constitutional, criminal, civil, administrative law and special subjects such as detective activity, tactical and special training, etc.

For the purpose of analyzing and implementing into the training process the best practices of teaching, methodology and moral building activities, organization of self study general meetings are held every month, at the end of every term and year which deal with the issues of training, discipline, research work of the faculty’s cadets; the results are summed up. These meetings are attended by the senior management of the Academy, the teaching stuff, tutors and curators, members of the parents’ committee.

Each group has its own classroom equipped with all the necessary methodological and technical teaching aids. The trainings go along with self study conducted under the supervision of lecturers and chief officers.        

Every day the faculty’s premises become more and more comfortable. A beautiful arrangement of flower beds catches the eye of the officers, cadets and Academy’s guests from spring to autumn. Cadets are housed in hostels and create their own house and home.

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